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Mimi ibiza massage

We will bring a comfortable massage table,

music, and a choice of organic aromatherapy oils to create a relaxing spa experience

in the comfort of your

   hotel, home, villa, boat.

About Mimibiza

A warm welcome to my site

My name is Myriam. I am a fully qualified masseuse with more than 15 years of experience and extensive knowledge of anatomy and different massage techniques, as I have worked in the Spa and Fitness industry field. I have trained as a professional dancer, personal trainer, I then found my true path in studying to become a Holistic Beauty Therapist and a Yoga teacher.
I have worked for 10 years as a beauty therapist and as a masseuse in a salon I opened in Rome, Italy.

I have also travelled the world to learn massage techniques from India, Thailand, Indonesia.
Now, I am a Mobile Beauty Holistic Therapist founder of Mimibizamassage.

We are proud to provide a friendly, relaxing but always professional service, in the comfort of your home, be it a hotel, a flat, a villa or even boat. We offer each patient a specially designed treatment every time.

We are very passionate and enthusiastic about holistic health and we love to keep ourself updated with the latest trends and studies.
We have a deep knowledge on organic beauty products, as they are the safest and most nourishing for all kinds of skins. This is the reason why we only use the Ayurvedic products, high performance and best results.
For me and my team being a holistic therapist is not only a job, but above all a way of living.
Our mission is to stimulate positive changes in the body, the mind and the soul through the art of touch.

Mimi Ibiza Massage

Opening Hours

Mon-Sun: 9AM 10PM

We cover all areas of Ibiza

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